Fragging Suggestions?


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Since our club meeting is all about fragging in January, I thought I'd post a thread about fragging some acros.

THIS IS NOT A SALES THERAD, I'll post these in a sales thread later. Just looking for some advice on which acros to frag and wanted everyones input. I'l post pics of the fragging and make myself available to answer any questions.

So here's my list of acros to choose form to frag, please reply with your top 3 picks...again this is not a sales thread (just looking for input).


Cornbred Maleficent

Cornbred Flaming Unicorn

Cornbred Lemon Sour

Cornbred DJ Skittey’s FHRITP

Cornbred Rainbow Passion AKA WD

Cornbred Tropical Paradise

Cornbred Pretty in Pink

Cornbred Valhalla

Cornbred Flaming Pink Lemonade

Cornbred Juicy Fruit

Cornbred Mad Raver

Reefers Direct Crown of Thorns

Blue w/lime green tips Staghorn

Tyree Joes Rainbow

ASD Rainbow Circus