November 2018 BoD Meeting


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Date - 11/20/18
Location - TacoMac @ 1211 Ashford Crossing, Atlanta, GA 30346 @7:00PM
In attendance
Dave Ball
Adam Nitschke
Austin Trizzino
Leo Magiure
Brijesh Patel
Nathan Wilder
Jin Oh


State of financials - Adam went over the financials, no issues. Total funds in all accounts is $12,610.21

*Trust fund disbursement(s) – Dave motioned we request the disbursement from the trust fund be requested so we can make the 5K donation to CRF. Austin seconded the motion and the vote was unanimous.

Membership; Are we going to continue to allow Family add-on's? - This was discussed and it was agreed that we do not allow family add ons.

Xmas party – Everything is on track with the facility. We need to secure the free raffle prizes. I believe Jin Was looking into the cost of getting an Apex from Rit.

Expo - In General there was a discussion about Expo planning, Nathan presented a suggestion that we consider using a professional service to paln, stage, get vendors, advertising...this is similar to how Expos were handled in the past ala Reef Farmers. I believe most of the Bod was in agreement to consider what opportunities may be open via this route.

Expo Exhibitors; Finalize the registration form and get it out to them ASAP. - David to work on these, still not completed but should be ready the weekend of 12/1

Leveraging our 501c(3) status with national vendors. Donations are tax deductible for them. Also see if dollar matching donations can be made to other nonprofits like CRF. -Based on some recent discoveries regarding our non profit status pretty much all of this discussion is on hold.

Increasing revenue streams; Onsite Raffles, Auctions & Swag – Raffles & Auctions on Hold, we are in agreement to get more swag (T-shirts, Austin taking the lead to update the ARC logo)

Further site upgrades and Add-on's – We talked about various site upgrades and Adam is looking into what’s available and makes sense for the site. These should be documented these in more detail and assigned a deployment timeline for the December BoD meeting.

Letting other smaller online sellers become Sponsors. - This topic should be tabled and revisited at the next Bod meeting.