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Hello! Welcome to the Atlanta Reef Club (ARC)

What is ARC? We are a group of marine hobbyists who share the interest in keeping saltwater fish and reefs. We come from all walks of life including students, retirees, working class slobs like myself, entrepreneurs, and honestly everything in between. Our supporting member base is 550+ strong and growing and we hail from all over the greater Atlanta area and beyond. We come from all walks of life and different regions... but the common thread that ties us together is our love of reefkeeping. We share the success and tribulations with each other which in turn makes us all better reefkeepers.

What kind of activities does ARC do? ARC has regular meetings throughout the year. They will be visible on the calendar and are open for anyone to attend. We invite you to join us for any of these meetings for some good times, great corals, and amazing fellowship. At these meetings there will be free raffles for our supporting members. They are generally for gift cards to our sponsors, at times reef related products too. Each meeting will have various worthwhile speakers and/or amazing activities. Some meetings will have frag swaps as members bring extra corals for sale, trade or for free. No, the sponsors don't give us gift cards... we utilize almost all the membership dues that we receive and give it back to our members one way or another throughout the year. Aside from the meetings, ARC has a few larger events throughout the year. This includes the ARC Expo which is the largest coral related event here in Georgia. Past attendees have included: WWC, Jason Fox, Steve Tyree and countless other well-known vendors as well as local hobbyists. We also have an annual summer BBQ that is held at one of our sponsors and a Holiday party at the end of the year.

Who runs ARC? ARC is run by its members, for its members. The leadership is a group of unpaid volunteers that are voted in by the supporting member base and serve annual terms. We are the ones that take input from the member base and plan the events like the meetings, the ARC Expo, the BBQ, the holiday party, frag swaps, raffles, competitions and more. If you want to get more involved in leadership, please join our regular board of director meetings. They will be visible on the calendar and are open for anyone to attend.

What's in it for you? Supporting membership does have its benefits. First and foremost, our LFS sponsors do honor a 10% discount if you are a supporting member. This, in and of itself, pays for the membership many times over in my experience. Sale items or negotiated prices with a sponsor are exempt from further discounts. Another benefit of membership is the free raffles for supporting members. At every meeting we end up randomly giving away gift cards or other prizes to all attending supporting members. These can be quite substantial! Supporting members are also privy to the annual Holiday party and BBQ which typically provides great food at an excellent location and is typically free to supporting members. Access to the Expo is also free for supporting members. New supporting members may also receive a starter pack of corals worth at least the membership dues and often more. These packs will vary and are from gracious members that are donating them to new users to the forum that become supporting members. This is a very challenging hobby full of complexity and a wide-ranging diversity of methodology and techniques. We support each other and provide one another with assistance on the forums, in person and at meetings. The knowledge base of our fellow reefers here is quite substantial and grows with each new member. The bottom line is that you will get much more out of your supporting membership and the benefits gained will far surpass the meager annual dues.

So, what are you waiting for? To join ARC all you have to do is upgrade your account. You can do this by simply clicking on "your account name" in the upper right hand of the site and then clicking on "account upgrades". From there you just need to upgrade to supporting member.



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Acworth, GA
Even if just supporting your local reef club and making sure they are there for you in the future isn’t worth it, the raffles at the meetings are the bomb. I’m totally unlucky, so I made my husband be a member too. So far thanks to his additional membership, we are $350 in raffle gift certificates to the good this year (past performance does not guarantee future performance . . . Or something like that.)